Wednesday, January 5, 2011

bow, arrow

"My arrows never fail --- and yet one arrow

More certain of its aim than mine wakes fire

Behind the chambers of an indifferent heart."


the arrow of magic comes from the bow of desire & intention.


"Geminis may ask themselves, each about the other-- do any of those rooms hold a quality called "faithfulness" or "fidelity"? Yes. But the door to that particular room in the Gemini heart is tightly sealed, and it takes more than a passkey to open it. It takes trust. And it takes time. Two kinds of trust: the complete trust each must give to the other -- and the trust required to believe in yourself, that what you love is really want you need, and all you'll ever need. (That's what takes the time.) But time is free. They can both use as much of it as they like to find that answer within themselves.... and once it's been found and the door unlocked, Gemini will be loyal and true forever after."
--Linda Goodman

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