Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mesure de la plaie du côté du Christ
Paris, BNF, ms fr. 14017, fol. 31v-32.

Guardians Of The Holy Grail: The Knights Templar, John The Baptist, And The ... By Mark Amaru Pinkham

'Hear now how those called to the Grail are made known. On the stone, around the edge, appear letters inscribed, giving the name and lineage of each one, maid or boy, who is to take this blessed journey. No one needs to rub out the inscription, for once he has read the name, it fades away before his eyes. All those now grown to maturity came there as children. Blessed is the mother who bore a child destined to do service there. Poor and rich alike rejoice if their child is summoned to join the company. They are brought there from many lands. From sinful shame they are more protected than others, and receive good reward in heaven. When life dies for them here, they are given perfection there. --Wolfram //


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