Wednesday, November 17, 2010

the body - tarot spread by rachel pollack

1.Forehead (thinking): This card signifies what the querent is thinking about the issue.
2.Mouth (saying): This card shows what the querent is saying. Any disparity between this and the prior card indicates that the querent is finding it difficult to express their deepest feelings about the situation.
3.Heart (deep emotions): This card represents the querent's deepest feelings about the situation. This may parallel what they are thinking and/or saying, but this is not necessarily the case. Indeed, it may often surprise us by being quite different.
4.Solar Plexus (gut-level knowledge): This card indicates what the querent knows deep down. A contrast between this card and others, particular the heart card, may indicate deep denial of what a person really knows.
5.Groin (desires): This card signifies what the querent desires. Although the sex organs are used as a symnbol of desires, the card need not refer to sexuality. It shows what the querent longs for in the current situation.
6.Minor Hand (holding back): This card represents something that the querent is holding back in the current situation. It can refer to emotions, ideas, plans, information, support--anything that the querent refuses to share or give to others.
7.Major Hand (giving out): This card, in contrast to the Minor Hand, shows what the querent does share, or give out. Again, it can refer to many kinds of things: money, advice, information, truth, etc.
8.Minor Foot (stepping from): This card indicates where the querent is coming from. It can refer to past experience, or qualities that form the basis of the querent's actions. It may indicate some trauma that continues to affect the querent.
9.Major Foot (going to): This card signifies where the querent is going. It can show the outcome of the question, or a more general kind of direction.

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